This is my new nose rider. This is the model Troy Mothershead won the Duct Tape Invitational on.
I wanted to make a nose rider that worked well in faster waves and offered a little more trim/ performance options. I blended the narrower nose of the Streamliner with the wide hip of the Jetson model for the outline. The Ace has a reverse rocker pattern which means there is a significant amount more tail rocker than nose rocker.
With the wide hip/ tail having tail rocker makes it hold really well while nose riding. The Tail kick also helps release the tail when turning. The nose has blended nose concave that is not very deep so that it doesnt slow you down too much on the nose. The slight nose concave transitions into a little belly through the middle into V through the Tail.
The rail is a foiled 50/50 rail. Its not pinched but it is thinner making it user friendly.
This is a great nose rider for Beach Brakes.

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