Dyer Brand is a menswear and surfboard manufacturing company based in San Diego California. It was started in 2010 by Mason Dyer with one mission; to make better functioning better looking goods at a fair price in the United States. Inspired by a mixture of military, surf and hot rod styles. Form and function are equally incorporated into each product.

Our Surfboards are all Hand shaped by Mason and glassed in the Dyer Brand Surfboard factory in Oceanside Ca. Each surfboard is crafted using traditional surfboard manufacturing techniques the emphasize craftsmanship and quality. Each board is as much a piece of art as it is a finely tuned, highly functional surf craft.


WINNER at DUCT TAPE /VANS 2015 – Noosa

VANS / JOEL TUDOR DUCT TAPE 2015 has just finished and it’s a win for our team rider DYER BRAND, Mr Troy MOTHERSHEAD !

Troy surfing with a 9’2 model STREAMLINER a bit sharper and thinner than the conventional model . It is excellent in fast and hollow waves . If you want the same , feel free to ask.

To learn more about STREAMLINER , see below …



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